Chosen by Linkedin for their executive course on GenAi

I was asked to create LinkedIn's executive course on GenAI, and here it is! Transform your organization with GenAI by joining thousands of global learners who are mastering the setup of GenAI with the right governance structure. Get expert tips on cultivating a thriving AI culture and defining roles and responsibilities for scalable success. This course boasts an impressive 4.7 out of 5 rating and is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It’s also part of the technical and business curriculum at numerous universities worldwide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to lead the AI revolution in your industry!

Averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars

My course is taught at Universities around the world

Hundreds of Universities around the world utilize my course on GenAi governance, structure and scaling tips as an approved course for Technical and Business courses. This course is also accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and part of their suggested curriculum on technology .

The process of filming the course with Linkedin learning

Phase 1: Initial Invitation and Legal Formalities

  • Invitation: It all began with an invitation from the head of the LinkedIn Learning team, asking if I would consider filming a course for the platform. Naturally, I accepted!

  • Legal Formalities: We then navigated through the legal process, including NDAs, course agreements, and W8/9 forms. This phase took a few weeks to complete.

Phase 2: Ideation and Course Structure

  • Title and Structure Ideation: We brainstormed and developed the course title and structure. After a couple of weeks, we finalized a title and a rough guideline.

  • Course Planning: While this felt like a significant milestone, it was just the beginning.

Phase 3: Content Development

  • Chapter Agreement: We agreed on the chapters, with a course content manager assigned to assist.

  • Film Scripting: Each chapter consisted of 5-8 films. We meticulously scripted each film to ensure polished delivery, a process that took several months and multiple virtual takes.

Phase 4: Filming

  • Preparation: I stayed 50 meters away from LinkedIn HQ, ready for three days of intensive filming.

  • Filming Process: Filming spanned 6-8 hours daily for three consecutive days, with breaks only for meals and restrooms. A dedicated film director, crew, and my content manager (remotely from California) supported me throughout.

  • Retakes: Some scenes required up to 12-13 retakes, while others were completed in 6-7 takes. Maintaining consistency in appearance and voice over the three days was challenging.

Phase 5: Reflection and Impact

  • Completion: The entire process took nearly six months from start to finish. It was a rigorous yet invaluable experience.

  • Outcome: The course received accreditation and positive feedback from thousands of users, universities, and the PMI Institute.

  • Future Plans: I look forward to filming more courses with other industry experts, combining technology to achieve greater heights.

This journey has deepened my respect for LinkedIn and anyone involved in creating high-quality professional courses. The experience was immensely valuable, and I am excited about future collaborations.