I'm Danilo, lets get to know each other 

During my teen years I was always interested in technology. I had my first ever "tech company" helping students sell their goods within our school eco-system. From that early stage I understood the importance of user experience, user interface (UX/UI) design, seamless customer experiences all backed by automation, straight through processing (STP) and integrated platforms. During University I worked for Motorola (at their height of phone and telecommunications leadership) and J.P Morgan where I further applied my skills at making processes smarter and more efficient. There I learned from some of the best in and around innovation and how to apply it to real life scenarios.

After graduating from Bath University (UK's no.1 business school) I went into banking (Canada's largest bank and CitiGroup one of the world's largest banks), again looking at how technology can improve efficiency. From there I built a career that allowed me to lead global initiatives around automation, artificial intelligence, digital transformation and innovation. I also worked in leading Ai initiatives in Healthcare (at UHG, America's 5th largest company). For about a decade I broke some records around the use and scaling of technology. I then started my speaking career in order to share my knowledge around the world.

My mission

As one of the world's top 20 AI experts, I have the unique privilege of collaborating with global industry leaders and pioneering companies that are the driving forces behind our economies. This access also extends to cutting-edge research and technological innovations that only a select few are privy to. What I've observed is a staggering pace of technological advancement that promises to reshape our world in ways we can't yet fully comprehend. This seismic shift poses challenges, including the potential for widening social and economic inequalities until governments and societies adapt.

My life's work is dedicated to bridging this gap. Through my podcasts, social media channels, publications, and speaking engagements, I aim to democratize knowledge in the realms of AI, Generative AI, and General Artificial Intelligence. My goal is to empower as many people as possible with the understanding and tools they need to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

"Danilo just delivered the best speech on Ai I have ever seen, truly eye opening and life changing"

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