Among the greatest in Ai today

but accessible to all

Unlike the CEO of OpenAi, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other companies that are leading the world when it comes to Ai, I have similar experiences running some of America's biggest Ai, Tech and Digital programs. The key difference is I remain accessible and on a mission to democratize knowledge by providing everyone access and understanding to Ai, which I do by charging a fraction of the cost and by constantly giving away free knowledge in my newsletter, speeches, podcasts and social media. Equally I have ran programs that are 100's of millions of dollars or more in budget at Fortune 500 & FTSE 250 companies as a leader but also a doer, personally running development teams, budget management, strategy and everything in between for some of the world's largest companies. Today I am represented by the same speaking agents as some of the world's most well known faces in Ai, a ladder I climbed in the past decade through my own hard work.

Services I offer

As a Tech and Ai expert I am on hand to offer businesses and individuals services such as speeches, workshops, advisory, NED, Board level positions as well as endorsements and PR for product, service launches that are in line with my missions - to provide access & knowledge to innovative tech to all & to keep pushing the boundaries of tech.


Danilo is a TED speaker and has been a keynote speaker opening some of the worlds biggest technology and leadership events for over 10 years. His largest live audience was 220,000 people for the Financial Times. Danilo has also organized workshops for senior management and wider company workshop too, where participants left invigorated with new life saving skills.


Danilo has for over 15 years been part of leadership teams as full time, board member, NED or an advisor. He has done this for private, public and government entities ranging from NASDAQ, Fortune 500 and FTSE100 to smaller family-owned businesses in several different industries and countries.


With a reach of millions, Danilo is able to help you launch important products and services through his social media and PR connections as well as influence in the tech world. Some of the world’s largest corporations have worked with Danilo on product and service announcements and rollout that were hyper successful.

My Speaker Showreel

Today I am ranked top 20 Ai & GenAi advisors and speakers in the world, sharing the same speaking agencies as Sam Altman (CEO OpenAi), Demis Hassabis (CEO DeepMind) and many other CEO's, CTO's and leaders from Google, Hugging Face, Microsoft, IBM, NVidia, Amazon, Facebook and other leading tech enabled organizations.

Speech Topics

With circa 20 years of experience in running some of the world's most respected Ai & tech programs I have a lot of practical real hands on experience, methodologies and advice to share. Below are speech topic areas I generally get asked to deliver. As a practitioner that has worked in several industries, I am able to demonstrate use cases and innovative ways how tech can be used to transform companies, if you have a particular area or niche you want me to talk about I can quickly adapt my knowledge to your topic and area of interest.

Ai & Generative Ai

All topics from strategy (how to roll it out and governance structure needed) to technical, ethical, cultural and practical considerations. Also create insights into how to revamp legacy products and services, how to cut cost and how to create new products and services with this technology. With the immense power and capabilities that is exponentially growing with GenAi and soon AGI every company is able to use this technology to take its operations, products and services to the next level.

Digital Transformation

To me transformation means real transformation, where a company looks physically different in the way it looks and operates. I can show you how to blend technologies, company culture and an execution approach to mix technologies such as Ai, Generative Ai, Blockchain, Cloud infrastructure, Workflow engines and execution rethinking to drive real tangible transformative change that often results in new products and services as well as improves Revenue and profitability.

Innovation & Future of Work

When designing your future as a company it is vitally important to consider both generational differences between groups in your workforce as well as how work is evolving. Considering this in your organization design and architecture helps you become future proof. I have helped several companies through such redesigns and have much to share that can help you greatly. Many forget that without the right culture and future of work planning no technology can reach its full potential.